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Why I won't go to school.

I learned everything I know about my trade OUTSIDE of a classroom. Granted, I don't know everything there is to know, but I'm not a fan of learning useless things either.

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I'm going to need some trademarking info... and funding.

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it's da PINALEE!

this falls into my "WHO told her that was cute???" category...

watch out folks... she came from the tuff ten...

haahaaa makes me so proud to be a tagaloo... sooo funny AND i'm sober today...

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enjoying distraction

since i will not see the light of day until friday (due to being chained to a desk and/or the macbook shackled to my wrists 24/7), i'd like to share a b

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Designers are a pain in the ass...

Because, when it comes to that .02 inch decrease in a round corner, it makes all the difference; only God knows why. Then there is that barely-there texture on pricey linen paper that, well, does things to a woman.

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