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Love in LA

That little beauty is my new guitar. There was a point in my life where I could hear a song and ear-play it on my guitar, saxophone, piano or the other instruments my wonderful parents showered me with.

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Dirty little...

There are two things I have always wanted a bartender to say to me (none of which have happenned yet):

#1 - Pick your poison.
#2 - What's your secret?

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Go get yours

Although my blog is (hopefully) quite interesting, it's likely appropriate for me to put some of my work up.

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Call me anything you want, just not faithless...

I don't always strike people as someone who goes to church or even one who believes in god. It may be because of my hefty drinking habit, I swear like a sailor, or the fact that I am one big jackass.

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The Passing of Light

You could say that photographers "paint" with light; they possess talent in capturing compositions of light and darkness. Although digital photography is taking the craft into a new realm, I just crave something more organic.

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