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Baby, I'm A Fool...

Have you ever had that vision in your head where a top-hat dance ensemble encircles you as you have a relaxing bath?? Well, maybe that's just me...

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the b. side

Julien Ribot has, by far, been one of the most entertaining artists and musicians I've come across. I was introduced to him some last year through an agnés b. showcase on her website.

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Apologies for the Past and a Letter to the Future

My dear readers,
I humbly apologize and regret not posting my usual weekly entries into the Fernandez Notebooks...

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Ain't Nothing Like the Real Thing

We have google, yahoo, mapquest, and countless searches to find countless answers. But I must admit that google has failed me numerous times. Every time I've searched for the "love of my life" it gives me Freddy Mercury singing on YouTube.

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Tim Tam Slam

The ultimate midnight snack - tim tams and tea.

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