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Charlotte Fernandez, Brand Consultant

Now, what kind of jackass puts a picture of herself on her own blog?
By the time you get to the end of this (hopefully) short entry, a shot of me chilling on a couch will make a bit more sense.

I've been in California for seven years but, frankly (who's Frank?), I just got here. California seems to be the place where lost characters are drawn towards, and where they desire to find themselves or "start over." I can't empathize with them because I don't think I need to start anything or find something (except maybe the winning lotto ticket). My life is so "island" that I won't be caught without a beach towel and bikini in the trunk of my car. Despite that, I would never dip my toes into the murky waters of California beaches but, I just can't turn down an opportunity to frolic in the sun half-naked.

A part of me always wants to do a stint in some foreign country — just for kicks (since I'm still alive & kicking). But California IS a foreign country; it is, at least, a collection of several foreign countries. I'd give you the rundown, but I'm sure you get the picture. I still wonder how I ended up on a long visit to this place. I'd like to send God a text and say "What the hell do you want me to do here?" You see, every time I call, I get sent straight to voicemail.

I can already hear you talking back to my Notebook: "Charlotte, the grass is always greener..." If that's the case, then the neighbors need some yardwork! I resolve to call California my home - so I can throw myself a big house party when I become thirty years young! It won't be for another year but I am planning it. Yes, I used the word "PLAN." I never plan a damn thing, especially birthdays, but my party is definitely in the making. Where else can I throw a big cushy house party with excellent wine and never-ending mojitos? Not to mention the banging guest list - do you know how many magnificent people I know? Okay, not that many — it's quality over quantity for me (I hate that phrase and it will plague this entry forever).

To conclude, I will eventually park my ass on a couch that's in my own home. And in that home, I will throw my big birthday bash on the 13th of June, 2010.

Love your Notebook-writing egomaniac,



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