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What I’m currently up to: LaunchArk, Brand Intensive and Fernandez Digital are three of my fun projects.





    A Bit About Me

    A no-bull brand consultant

    When people talk about branding, you’d likely hear buzzwords like disruption, storytelling, campaign, tribes, content marketing, social strategy, and engagement. While these are all part of the picture, there’s more to be said about what your brand doesn’t need. 

    Cutting through the clutter, or what I call a the no-bull method can start by having a conversation with me. This can all be accompanied by the lovely aroma of espresso beans in a cafe, or the bustling sounds of a resto’s kitchen preparing the best burger in town while we have our powwow. Quit stalling and drop me a line…


    Let's Collaborate

    My entire portfolio spawned from one client and grew through referrals and recommendations. My consultancy continues scaling, but only in gratitude to my clients who continually find reasons to vouch for me. Join Team Charlotte and get happy about having a brand guardian.

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    I’m an idea machine in digital media. Whether it’s your personal brand or your business,
    I can be your secret weapon when it comes to your brand’s resonance. 

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    Build your startup, assemble your web presence or catalyze your brand to connect with people. Tall orders are my forte.

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